22 mm Vellum 100 Wax Stamp Baggies USA Skull Design

wax stamp baggies
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  • Manufacturer: Vellum Glassine Was Stamp Bags Baggies
  • 22 mm
  • Vellum Glassine Wax Stamp Bags
  • 22 mm width, 75 mm height (unfolded)
  • Wax Stamp Bags USA Skull Design
  • 100 Bags
  • 600 Paper Bags: 100 Paper Bags
  • Publications and Supplies: Publications and Supplies
  • Stamp Collecting Collection: Stamp Collecting Collection
  • vellum Glassine: vellum Glassine
  • Vellum Glassine Wax Envelopes: Vellum Glassine Wax Envelopes
  • Wax Stamp Baggies: Wax Stamp Baggies
  • Wax Stamp Bags: Wax Stamp Bags
  • Waxed Paper Bag: Waxed Paper Bag
  • Wholesale Wax Bags By The Case: Wholesale Wax Bags By The Case
  • Wax Stamp Bags: Wax Stamp Bags
  • Storage, Stash, Organization: Storage, Stash, Organization
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