4 Mil Quality 2030 Bags 100 Clear Resealable Baggies 2” X 3”

Toy organization; prevents loss and keeps tiny pieces of games and lego sets together
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  • Manufacturer: Clear Resealable Bags
Reclosable Polypropylene Poly Bags The high clarity of these Polypropylene Poly Bags enhances the appearance of products. Moisture, grease and vapor resistant. Meets FDA and USDA specifications for food contact. Polypropylene Bags help keep packaged foods fresh. Pinch track zipper closed to seal. Measuring for a Reclosable Bag 1. Measure Length (L) from the bottom of the bag to the base of the reclosable seal. 2. Measure Width (W) of the bag from side to side. 3. For rigid items, add 1/2” to the Width (W) of the bag to allow the item to fit through the opening. 4. For thick or bulky items adjust dimensions accordingly. 5. Add 1/2” to 2” to both dimensions for a looser fit. Example: For a flat product 3.5” wide by 5.5” deep, the bag dimensions should measure at least 4” W x 6” L.
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