Original Apple BrandSmall Plastic Baggies

Mini Resealable Baggies offers the largest variety of sizes, colors, prints designs on the market

The highest quality tiny little baggies on the market

The bags are pictured with a dime, quarter or nickle for size comparison

Each weighs less than a gram are poly-plastic bags, recyclable, zippered, reclosable and resealable

We now offer: vellum glassine wax stamp baggies wax paper bags
quality waxed paper bag - sealed on bottom, open on foldover top

Designs & colors are listed with their model number
PLEASE realize these bags are very small
Check the dimensions carefully to ensure you are purchasing the correct product to fit your needs
Small, decorative, resealable baggies in a variety of designs & colors
100% recyclable products

** International Customers - Low Flat Rate Shipping **
** US Customers Pay $2.75 Flat Rate Shipping
No Matter How Many Packs Are Purchased

**Choose Your Size Carefully **
Bags Are Tiny, Micro, Mini, Small and Little

Product Features:

  • recyclable and waterproof
  • available in a large variety of colors, sizes, shapes and styles
  • ideal for applications that require tiny to small sized reclosable bags
  • dimensions are width x height and do not include the zip, ribbing or lip of bag
  • natural, flexible shape; fits into small places
  • reasonable pricing and using convenience
  • pay close attention to the dimensions listed!!! 


Shop by Category


        • coin collecting
        • electronics - protects parts from moisture or chemical contamination
        • food (fda approved)
        • keeps jewelry components separated to avoid scratching & prevents silver from tarnishing
        • scrapbooking - templates & storage for brads, embellishments, beads, studs, hardware, eyelets, snaps, laces & fibers
        • packaging for resale
        • medical - promotes sterilization
        • prescriptions drugs & pill storage
        • flower and plant seeds
        • cosmetics & toiletry bags
        • doll house making - rooms such as kitchen, candy store & garage
        • cables - keeps loose cords untangled
        • toy organization; prevents loss & keeps tiny pieces of games & lego sets together
        • purse organization - receipts, candy, change, makeup & other loose items
        • garage organization - prevent loss of nails & screws
        • beads and metal findings organization & storage
        • geocaching
        • stamp collecting
        • trick or treat bags
        • birthday party goodie bags
        • valentine's day candy
        • sewing - buttons, thimbles, needles & thread
        • nail art - rhinestones, sparkels, decals
        • confetti
        • makeup resale 

    Designs and colors are listed with their model number
    Check the dimensions carefully to ensure you are purchasing the correct product to fit your needs
    Pre-made mixes may be slightly different from photos
    Our inventory is constantly growing
    We try to list new items as quickly as possible